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Debt collection and incashment in Germany

At this time when many organisations are demanding more from their lawyers, they need to understand the German legal system. The lawyers in Germany can help to work rapidly and efficiently and get more from the creditor's rights with the ability to collect open amounts and unpaid invoices and bills, freeing up time for the clients to have a full financial overview of the legal situation as well as the economic situation. Utilising and adapting collecting methods, such as individual debt collection and debt recovery in Germany by an agency, lawyers can help to change the trading function and create an international law firm that contains real and high value to a debt collection agency in Germany.
Following an analysis of the legal department, the law firm will provide the clients with quick solutions for all accounts receivable and for debt recovery management in Germany that will allow the seller to deliver goods to Germany and get the payments rapidly and without delay. This might involve utilising legal solutions, or outsourcing the work from the creditor to another lawyer's office in Germany. The solicitors can help with defining the value of a vendor or buyer – turning deals that are currently seen as high important and strategic into an usual business with the prosecution of debtors in Germany.

Contract law

Two kinds of contracts are called 'simple' contracts, the third is called a 'specialty'. Due to the predominance of the first kind of contract it has often been stated that a contract is a legally binding agreement. Due to the recognition of the contract by the debtor the repetition of it has often caused confusion. The other kind of contract is sometimes called a unilateral contract; there must always be two parties to a contract. The unilateral contract is contrasted with the bilateral: ie the first kind of contract. What tends to be forgotten is that contract means a drawing together of two people similar to an agreement.
Normally a tort (such as a trespass) is committed by a single act or omission done or made in a moment of time. When one enters into a contractual obligation, however, one binds oneself for the future: either for a short or for a long (in the case of a lease, for example, or a purchase of shares) period of time. This explains many of the complexities of contract law.

Business law

With the experience of business law, the answers for the collection of liabilities and claims management in Germany are right for any international organization and not simply imposed from a standard court. Using the real European experience of contractual members, they can, together with certain debt recovery lawyers, develop all processes at German courts that allow the provider to work effectively with the legal team of contractors. Together with the executive legal solutions and judicial tools can be created that ensure the right work is going to the juridical expert team members whose legal proceedings can then be measured and reported on.
Rely on our long time experience and do not hesitate to contact us directly to resolve all your legal or judicial problems in Germany:
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To the Germans, as to us the consensual contract was only one species of contract between two parties of purchase and selling. Most creditors tend to dismiss contract under seal as if it were not a contract. But the essence of the obligation is contractual, but since it rests upon the formal way in which the contract arises it requires no consideration to support it and it may be employed to enforce a purely gratuitous promise.
The solicitors can help to create a team of clients and debtors where all collection efforts are productive in the roles they are given and the law firms in Germany are seen as a part of a foreign company. Greater respect for the contractors and their clients, reduced risk management and legal solutions based strategy – the lawyers in Germany can make a real difference to all legal demands.
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